Forest iron works involvement in the community

City of Glen Cove


FIW had the pleasure of repairing and refinishing donated  L  O  V  E  letters,  all welded to a central base for stability which can now be seen displayed at Mill Pond Park.
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Oyster Bay Lions


36" solid bronze plaque donated to the Oyster Bay Lions Club by FIW. Fabricated as part of their  efforts to revitalize and beautify the Historic area of Beekman Beach.

9/11 Memorial - East Norwich Fire Department


Forest Iron Works was honored and humbled when we were asked to assemble a 9/11 memorial using actual steel beams recovered from Ground Zero. 

9/11 Memorial - Glenwood Fire Company


Guidelines for working with 9/11 steel fragments prohibit any significant alterations to the metal. This particular piece was recovered twisted into the shape of an awareness ribbon. Our artisans took great care to fabricate a memorial display it in the most reverent manner possible

9/11 Memorial -North Shore High School


Communities all across our region were affected by 9/11. Forest Iron Works was excited to participate in the fabrication of this monument at the North Shore High School so that future generations can comprehend the loss of innocent life and sacrifices of heroes on that terrible day.

9/11 Memorial - Locust Valley Post Office


Even when authentic raw materials are not available, many of the communities throughout our region have erected their own memorials. Forest Iron Works collaborated with Cosmo Tile and Stone on the fabrication and installation of these solid stone Twin Towers, located directly behind the Locust Valley Post Office.

Nautical Mile, Freeport


Two of four exhibit pieces we fabricated for Long Island Traditions & The Village of Freeport to help educate visitors on the history of maritime culture on the Nautical Mile. 

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